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Backlit letters contains LED lighting which is encased or integrated into the lettering channels to illuminate the letters and make a halo lighting effect. Backlit signage Singapore is our compulsive signage solution. Made using our in-house-laser etching machine and laser cutters, Backlit signage Singapore are often finished during a sort of finishes with different LED options available. The lighting is housed inside the bottom panel and covered by a fascia panel, which inserts over the acrylic lettering to focus the sunshine and illuminate the letters.

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These signs are produced in a alot of ways to show the brand off and deliver a distinctive statement to consumers.

We deliver end to end design & manufacturing services to ensure illuminated signage Singapore is as effective as possible for your business. Our technical design team will work with you to specify the perfect solution depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for, and the location/space available. This results in technical drawings & visuals of your final solution, before this is passed through to our in-house lighting and manufacturing teams. 

Although it may seem obvious, the lighting element of illuminated signage Singapore is incredibly important, however it’s often overlooked. We don’t just put a light behind a graphic or logo, we develop a custom lighting setup that matches the effect you’re looking for in the location you specify. For example, if you’re looking to illuminate a graphic display in a shop window, your illuminate backlit signage needs to be much brighter than what would be required 



Backlit signage Singapore are suitable for connecting with people, because they are bright, noticeable, and may be personalized from top to bottom.

They are effective too as they are easy to spot, and customizable.

Backlit Signage


Backlit signage Singapore helps your business stand out wherever you are. Putting in your logo or your company name will allow consumers to recognise or notice.


There are templates available where you can choose the spot for the installation of the signs, for example; from the window to the wall, or windows. 

Backlit Signage

Neon style-led backlit signage

Neon style signage Singapore help to form your logo stand out night or day with neons powerful illumination. Neon  is our LED illuminated alternative to neon. Constructed using solid 30MM acrylic lettering with LED embedded within, Neonist creates the effect of traditional neon but without the fragility, installation requirements and dangers. There are a variety of options available including: casing, colour and corner style (straight or round).

What needs to be considered with each of these styles of signs?

LED lightboxes work well within a quick paced retail environment. they will be used on ceilings and walls to draw in attention and are ideal for promotions/seasonal adverts. The removable fabric graphic are often redesigned in line with these seasonal changes without the necessity to exchange the entire light box.

Backlit letters are ideal for integrating into existing displays or as how of discreetly illuminating a logo. backlit signage are often used within stores to act as eye catching directional signage Singapore or as a part of promotional displays. backlit signage Singapore LED options leave various illuminated colours and patterns, giving even more dimension to the text or graphic.

Neon-style displays have all the advantages of neon in terms of favor and impact, but with the energy efficient properties of LED lighting. Neonist is integrated into specific displays within retail spaces to draw in attention and advertise.

backlit sign graphics

Large backlit signs are vivid and durable when printed on translucent backlit film using high-resolution latex ink printing, which is specifically designed for backlit sign applications. This method of printing produces very bright signage. They are full of depth and have more detail and clarity than other printing methods or ink choices.

Another important component of how backlit signs are made is Silicone Edge Graphics. Depending on the application, Silicone Edge Graphics can be stretched around a borderless frame once printed. This enhances the appearance of the graphic, suggesting that the graphic is floating without the constraints of a border.

Backlit Signage Printing

Backlit sign graphics have many indoor applications such as in malls, tradeshows, kiosks, and airport displays. However, how these illuminated signs are made allows them to also have many outdoor applications as well. They can be utilized for outdoor building signage, bus stops, and even billboards.

With today’s modern technology, printing backlit signs on many different types of substrates is now possible. Backlit sign printing is also more affordable now and the end products are much more durable, so the demand for custom backlit signs has grown rapidly.

LED lighting is also a major compoent of how backlit signs are made. With LED, today’s backlit signs stand out considerably better than when fluorescent signage was first introduced. This makes backlit signage an easy choice for business owners who want to raise the level of awareness for their companies.

Using interior and exterior backlit signs can improve the credibility of your business by showing your customers that you are serious about promoting your business and are willing to make the investment necessary to ensure your continued success.

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