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Building Signage Singapore are an important fixture for any commercial or residential building. These signages boost your brand exposure and gives a helping hand to consumers  who are locating a certain building. 

It’s our standard of service and experience that make Excel Signage Singapore the first choice for signage in Singapore. Each project that the Excel Signage Singapore teams have delivered provided its own unique challenges that we helped our clients navigate. We make the effort to understand your vision to ensure it’s delivered on time

We’re proud of our past work but we always look forwards. At the heart of our vision lies your success. Your success means our continued growth, and with that comes an increase in the kinds of services and signage solutions that we provide

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It also portrays the look of reliability and strength. The signage Singapore with professional and unique design are often marked as a landmark.  Building Signs are an important fixture for any commercial or residential building. These signages boost your brand exposure and gives a helping hand to consumers  who are locating a certain building.   Increase visibility outside your building and improve visitor and employee experience inside your building using the right mix of visual communications tools from Excel Signage Singapore. Dimensional letters, logo signage and building directory signs and graphics from Excel Signage Singapore help bring your company’s look to life. Made with high-tech materials and production processes, building signs identify your property and extends your brand’s image.  Your message deserves to stand out, whether it’s a large sign on top of headquarters, a monument sign, nameplates or directional signage, Excel Signage Singapore provides solutions to all your building signage challenges.


The use of bold building signage Singapore, not only enables the identification of  your business but it also shows a huge advertisement for your brand.  These are usually seen on buildings that face the streets so it may be seen by the public or drivers and riders. Contact us for a quote.


Buildings that have signs on the upper side will enable visibility from far. Additionally, colourful or neat colour schemes help in the reinforcement and the attractiveness of the building.

Bigger and Brighter

Company culture is important thus we will produce the signs according to the requirements and guidelines of the brand. What’s important is for the end product to be of high quality and useful. 


Our architectural building signage Singapore captures the imagination on a grand scale and convey buildings, spaces and settings to life. We work closely with building owners, project architects and contractors to deliver a completely integrated sign solution that matches with the general design scheme of the building.

Small exterior building signage

We deliver the complete range of quality exterior branding signs including external metal plaques, glass-look acrylic panels, directory and modular signs, parking lot signage Singapore, health and safety notices to suit seamlessly with the setting of the building and its surrounds.

Warehouse and Depot Signs

Retail park buildings, depots, commercial garages, warehouses, factories, storage units and similar often have the pliability to put in large building signs to alert people to their presence or convey a prominent advertising message.

Brick Building Signage

Action Signs can help design, make and install brick building signage Singapore that are in keeping with the overall style of the building. For example, painted metal letters fixed on standoff mounts can be an elegant way to make that vital first impression.

Lit Up Building Signage

Illuminated building signage Singapore can help you stand out from the crowd in low light, bad weather and at night. A number of lighting options are available for illuminated building signs: 3D metal, letters with an LED halo/glow, light boxes for a solid panel of light, conventional spot/trough lighting from above or below, classic neon glass tubes and neon-effect signs. We can advise on the most durable and cost-efficient solution for your building and on installation

Building Signage
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Building Signage

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