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frontlit signage Singapore design is just about as wide-open as it gets. You’ll really be able to let your creativity while when you decide to go with this kind of sign.Choosing signage for your business is one among the foremost important choices you’ll make. The image you decide on is one which will either make or break your endeavors, so selecting the foremost advantageous style is vital . If you would like bold and bright signage, frontlit signage could be for you. this type of signage is understood for providing extensive customization and other benefits.

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Frontlit signage Singapore are signs that have lights on the front that throw the sunshine back at them sort of a trough light rather than having light behind them, or no lights in the least , this technique is far more useful than quaint no light signs which couldn’t be seen in the dark .Because channel letter signs have an array of fabrication options, channel letters can become almost anything you imagine them to be. you’ll choose the form , size, color, and style. the sole limitations you’ll face are going to be caused by zoning codes, laws and regulations.


Examples of frontlit signage Singapore are  billboards, flags and even banners. There are actually other services like printing, cutting and choosing of the fabric.

Frontlit Signage
Frontlit Signage

Unique Signage

Frontlit signage Singapore is also a substitute for backlit signs. The difference is that backlit signs’ designs are printed on a thin material in which the light source comes from the bank, showing the design.

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Front lit is applied more often and is that the commonest letter type. These signs discharge light from the front. The aluminum is applied on the rear and therefore the side of the letters.

Frontlit Signage

benefits of front lit signage

Signage Singapore is a crucial aspect of branding for your clients. you would like a symbol for his or her brick and mortar location to appeal to their customers, and thereby drive increased awareness, and ultimately sales.

Channel letter signs are a superb option for companies that want to face out from the competition. There are two basic sorts of channel letters available on the market today: front lit channel letters, and halo lit channel letters. However, in some cases a mixture of those two techniques will optimize the looks of a symbol .

This article will discuss the differences between front lit and halo lit channel letter signs, and the way to use a combined approach to realize maximum impact.

what are front lit signage

Front lit channel letters are signs during which each letter’s interior contains a light-weight source that’s visible from the front side of the display. Front lit channel letters are made from durable aluminum composite panel (ACP) backing and sides. Their front surface is comprised of a translucent, acrylic material that permits the sunshine source inside to transmit outwards. (Sometimes a lexan face are often used.)

Colour selection is vitally important for front lit channel letters, because many vinyl overlays only leave but 1% of sunshine transmission from the letter’s interior light . Customized overlays are often available to realize specific colours/hues. Another popular option among many businesses is that the use of dual film. This material allows a corporation signage Singapore to transmit a selected color during daytime, then white illumination in the dark (which leads to highest visibility).

what are halo lit signage

Halo lit channel letters (also referred to as halo lit or reverse channel letters) are the converse of their front lit counterparts. rather than a translucent front side, these letters are open on the rear , and positioned a touch bit faraway from the wall. When the sunshine source begins its transmission, the sunshine reflects off of the wall and provides a silhouetted appearance to the solid outline of the letter; in effect, each letter is surrounded by a “halo” of sunshine .

Halo lit channel letters can provide depth of appearance and a more architectural look to signage Singapore. Of course, it’s important that the proper quite backing material is employed for best results. as an example , brick might not distribute the sunshine also as other surfaces, whereas a particularly slick or shiny background may cause your LEDs to be visibly reflected upon the wall.

front lit vs halo lit

While both front lit and halo lit signs have their own unique advantages, a combined approach also offers significant aesthetic benefits. For instance:

Front and halo lit channel letters can use two different colorus to realize a more rounded effect. All that’s needed may be a partition panel within the middle of the letter to divide the front side colour from the rear .
Front and Halo lit illumination allows your clients to leverage a 3D effect for his or her sign, without sacrificing desired colour at the front.
This technique offers maximum visibility, especially in the dark . Front and halo lit signs are often positioned on high buildings for max exposure.
Front and halo lit channel letters are usually very attractive elements for advertising storefronts that are closed in the dark .
Ultimately, the success of a symbol as a marketing tool depends on your client’s specific business objectives, and which design would best fit into their advertising strategy. Many companies have found that dual lit illumination makes for dynamic, attractive signage that appeals to a good range of consumers . If you’d wish to learn more about dual lit channel letter signage Singapore, and therefore the many options available, reach bent us at the Channel Letter Depot today.

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