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Window film is a great choice for offices that can benefit from a little privacy. When used strategically, it can help create barriers between offices or cubes, helping workers focus on the task at hand without getting distracted. If you’re worried that this will make your office too dark, don’t—frost films still allow light to enter a space, which makes workers happier and more productive. At Coastal Glass Tinting, we’ve found this look is especially great for doctors’ offices, conference rooms, or any place where a little privacy goes a long way.

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By the method of sandblasting, a clear sheet of glass turns to opaque. This is how Frosted Glass is produced.  obscuring visibility whilst it transmits light.  It comes out as translucent because of light scattering.  This conceals visibility as it transfers light. Frosted window decals are an image or graphic made of a translucent vinyl material that has a “frosted” or “etched” appearance and are designed to be transparent enough to allow light through the window, but opaque enough to provide privacy. Options for frosted window decals include reverse cut vinyl, standard cut vinyl, printed frosted and blank frosted. Each design option displays your custom messages or graphics in a unique way. Custom frosted window decals provide an elegant, professional look at a low cost. Proper installation and maintenance will last up to five years. Frosted vinyl window decals can be used indoors and outdoors, usually to display company logos, advertise products and promotions, provide general business information, and provide privacy for corporate boards, offices, and retail storefronts.


The advantages of having frosted glass is that you will have more privacy and you do not really have to control much. In addition, there are designs that you can choose to fit your room’s image.


With a suitable environment for work, there will be productivity. With these frosted glass partitions, workers would not feel stuffy or claustrophobic. With frosted glass partitions, office spaces can give each individual the proper environment for productivity. 


For kitchens, colourful frosted glass panels would be useful  to minimise sunlight and even protect plants if you have a small garden in the balcony area.

If you’re looking to bring some style to your office, waiting area, or conference room, decorative window film is a great strategy. We offer a range of design options that suit any style from historic to futuristic. Attractive and functional, decorative window film is an excellent way to convey the personality of your business while at the same time solving tricky design challenges. Decorative window films can feature images in profile, such as business logos or scenic moments, which is a good way to brand your space and make it feel more like home.

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